The 9th Annual Energy Independence Day took place this past Sunday at Waste Oil Recycler’s world headquarters otherwise known as Mogreena.  All in attendance were very happy the weather treated them kindly this year with comfortable temperatures and conditions.
Hake & Jarema, Mason Porter, and Karmic Juggernaut filled the day with a variety of music.  Notably Karmic Juggernaut’s rousing rendition of Hocus Pocus.  Kids were busy getting their faces painted, hoola-hooping, and dancing the day away.
Appetites were filled with a hearty meal from Frank’s American Pub and anyone with a sweet tooth was in for a great treat from Robin Mastrippolito, Confectioner.  Tastings of a variety of wines and a couple varieties of beer from Victory Brewing Co. were enjoyed.
Please save the date for the 10th Annual Energy Independence Day on Sunday, May 20th, 2018!
Check out the photos captured by Lisa Schaeffer Photography:
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