Joe Gallagher – A Million Gallon Man!

joeBack in March, we told you Waste Oil Recyclers Collections Driver Dave Sexton had collected WOR’s landmark 10 millionth gallon of grease.  Last week another valued member of our Collections Department reached a HUGE personal milestone!

Joe Gallagher is now a member of the One Million Gallon Club, joining a select few in Waste Oil Recyclers folklore… Two, to be exact.

Waste Oil Recyclers has been lucky enough to call Joe Gallagher an employee since April of 2014.  Joe is the ultimate team player, and a leader to other drivers, specifically concerning work ethic, efficiency, and cleanliness.

If Mike Rowe ever spent a day on the road collecting kitchen grease, he would agree… It’s a dirty job.  Joe amazingly though, gets back from the road every day without a single drop of grease on him.  One would not be able to tell he put in a ten-hour day, if it were not for the vast amount of grease offloaded.

Joe is the first driver on the road every morning, often starting his day before 4AM .   His early starts allow him to get a head start on the morning traffic.  Recently, he collected an amazing 52 stops, in just one day!

Congratulations Joe, and keep on truckin!

Brendan Steer

Brendan Steer

Brendan Steer is Co-founder of Waste Oil Recyclers. And manages sales and business development.
Brendan Steer

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