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We have a lot to be thankful for here in MoGreena this year. The company continues to grow.  We are on the verge of announcing a very exciting change in the way we transport our recycled cooking oil, which will allow us to be more efficient and enable us to increase distribution.  The MoGreena Garden Project donated over 2500 pounds of organic produce to City Gate in Coatesville, while also providing additional produce to our employees, neighbors and volunteers. All of these things could not have been accomplished without our employees, partners and friends in the community. This year we have continued to receive help from SCORE of Chester County, The Chester County Economic Development Council, Triskeles, The Brandywine Health Foundation, The Coatesville Youth Initiative, Victory Brewing Company, and countless others. But for this post, we will focus on the help we have received from one special woman, Amy Barnes.

Amy has been a regular here at MoGreena since almost the beginning, participating in garden nights and always volunteering to work at our various events – Energy Independence Day and the Harvest Art Party. She has also consistently supported local live music, in which many of our employees and friends are involved by being in various bands. She has been a nanny for the last several years and has taken excellent care of many children. She always makes times for her family and friends. In other words, Amy shows up. Whether she’s having a good day or a bad day. Whether it is convenient or not. Amy shows up with a smile on her face and a warm, loving embrace.

Amy is battling breast cancer and recently had a double mastectomy. Once she has recovered from surgery, she will undergo an aggressive course of chemotherapy and radiation. During this time, Amy cannot work, has to pay for her medical insurance which will not come close to covering her expenses, and maintain her residence in West Chester while staying with her parents. For someone who has given so much of her time and energy to others, we feel it is appropriate to return the favor. If you are so inclined, consider donating to Amy’s gofundme campaign. If you are unable to donate, a prayer or positive thought for her recovery and all who are battling cancer would be appreciated. There will also be various musical events and fundraisers to come, the first being Barnesraising – Live in West Chester!. If this effort exceeds Amy’s needs, the committee involved will make sure the funds are then directed toward others in the same predicament.

We wish all of you a healthy and happy holiday season.

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