King of All Gallons Becomes the Million Gallon Man!

It is a big day for long-time Waste Oil Recyclers employee Neill Heaton.  Today, Neill and his trusty sidekick, Max (an Australian Cattle Dog) broke a milestone of which no one else has come close: They collected their 1 MILLIONTH gallon of grease. Neill has been the ‘King of all Gallons’ for quite some time after proudly passing Dispatch Coordinator, Biff McNeil, but that was 250,000 gallons ago.

Neill Heaton began his career with us in April of 2010. He has consistently driven truck #3 (the only truck without a traditional name – his name is ‘3’ and is our only male truck). He grew up locally and attended the Unionville School District, where he became lifelong friends with WOR Co-Founder, Robert Mastrippolito. A mechanic by trade, Neill found himself looking for another opportunity when Rob made an offer for him to come to MoGreena. Since that time, Neill has shown strong work-ethic and commitment to providing quality service. Neill and Max are rarely apart, and Max has become a WOR mascot of sorts. Neill is also known for being very committed to his family and friends. He quietly supports various charities and is by nature a caretaker. Neill walks the walk by driving a first generation Dodge Ram Pickup Truck with a Cummins Diesel engine that is fueled by 100% biodiesel. He also enjoys off-roading in his  modified jeep.

Thank you, Neill, for your years of dedication. You are appreciated around here more than you realize. And we wanted to make a big deal, get a cake, and throw confetti on your head, but after some discussion, we decided that might not be your wish.

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