Stephen Starr Chef Jason Goodman Visits MoGreena

To cap off the visiting chef series this summer, we were honored to be visited by Jason Goodman, Executive Chef of Frankford Hall and Fette Sau, owned by the famous restauranteur, Stephen Starr. Chef Goodman couldn’t have been any more engaging and informative. He grilled pork chops donated by Dean from Wyebrook Farm and vegetables from our garden. Obviously accustomed to being in a leadership role, he quickly had our Coatesville Youth Initiative students involved by having them clean the area, peel carrots, and scrub potatoes. Dean from Wyebrook also came out personally to enjoy a meal with us and speak to the students about his farm. It was a beautiful day with lots of smiles. When MoGreena Garden worker, Will Colvin, was asked about the pork chops, he said he had never had pork that tasted even close to that good in his life. Thanks to Chef Goodman and Dean from Wyebrook for supporting our visiting chef series. We plan to expand the program next year. Stay tuned for news about the Fall Harvest.

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This summer, we are once again partnered with the Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) and the Chester County Food Bank (CCFB) to help grow thousands of pounds of produce here in the gardens of Mogreena.  The four students from CYI will learn how to plant, grow, and...

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