This Spring has been a busy one, with catching up from the harsh winter, cleaning up after a  major flood at our facility, holding our annual Energy Independence Day, and launching year two of the MoGreena Garden Project. The word for this year so far? Resiliency. Our team of dedicated employees, tenants, and friends have proven that nothing holds us back.

On April 30th, Modena experienced the worst flooding from the Brandywine since approximately 1992. MoGreena had varying levels of water over the grounds ranging from one to three feet. The freshly planted gardens were mostly washed away. Some of our dumpsters, located on a separate part of the property, floated and damaged some employee vehicles. Many of our tenants lost valuable inventory and equipment. The next day, when everyone showed up, it looked like a disaster. But co-owner Rob Mastrippilito said to one of our young workers, “See all of this? Next week you will not be able to tell that it happened.” And so it was. Everyone rallied, cleaned up, replanted, and made the property more perfect than ever for our 6th Annual Energy Independence Day. The weather was beautiful, the music and food were awesome, and a good time was had by all.

Our garden project is back on track. Garden night is held every Tuesday from 5 pm.  All are welcome and you will be fed. For updates, like our MoGreena Garden Project Facebook page. Last year we donated thousands of pounds of produce to local organizations. This year, we are hoping to expand our outreach and incorporate local chefs to give demonstrations so that the local people who come help harvest also have ideas of how to prepare the fresh produce of the day. Updates coming soon.

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This summer, we are once again partnered with the Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) and the Chester County Food Bank (CCFB) to help grow thousands of pounds of produce here in the gardens of Mogreena.  The four students from CYI will learn how to plant, grow, and...

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