Betty, Trixie, Dana And Shirley

This week we are saying goodbye to one of our original service and set up trucks, Betty. Purchased in 2008, Betty is a 2003 Hino FB. She was initially used for setups only, until we installed a 450 gallon vacuum unit in the summer of 2010. She was our first truck to burn veggie oil. We took off the veg system and kept it for future use on another truck. She is going to Chicago to work for one of our sister companies. We know they will take good care of each other. We just hope she doesn’t develop one of those weird Midwest accents.


Today, Trixie collected her 1 millionth gallon of grease, with the help of long-time driver and Philly expert, Biff McNeil. Originally driven by Brian Schultz, Trixie was passed down to Biff in 2010 when Bjornen was purchased. Since then, Biff has had two opportunities to move to a newer truck, but his loyalty to Trixie has kept them together. The milestone gallon was collected at Stephen Starr’s Butcher and Singer in the great city of brotherly love.

Last week we also welcomed two new trucks to our fleet. First, Dana who is named after Dana Weiderhold. While Dana is a part-time bartender at The Whip Tavern in the rolling hills of rural Coatesville, her full-time gig is playing the violin in various orchestras and with Andrew Lipke. Founder Rob Mastrippolito says she is an amazing player, and he would certainly know. Dana the truck is a 2012 Hino 268A we purchased late last year. We then had the tank installed over a three month period at VSI in Lindenwold NJ. She holds the largest capacity in our current fleet (2000 gallons) and is equipped with double decker hose trays (a WOR innovation). The Hino 268A is the only truck in its class that meets the Federal emissions standards, so there is no need to pay the usual substantial emissions fee…Yay Hino! Jarad Greeley will get the honor of being her primary driver as she heads out for collections this week.


Our other new truck Shirley is named after WOR founder Jim Bricker’s grandmother. Shirley is a 2005 Hino 268A, bought used from Bentley Truck Services’ own personal rental fleet. She started life as a 26′ refrigerated box van. Her frame was cut and an all steel flatbed was mounted with a hydraulic lift gate. She is at VSI having a 650 gallon vacuum unit installed so she can be used for dual purposes; setting up new clients and collecting oil in smaller quantities. Shirley will be transferred to our new Scranton ‘The Electric City’ location when she is ready to go.

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