Newark, DE Restaurants Lead the Way In Recycling Used Cooking Oil, Turning It Into Biofuel

Newark, DE Restaurants Recycle Their Used Cooking Oil

We love our clients! Well, all businesses say that, right? But we love them because they support our commitment to the environment — our way of recycling used cooking oil. There’s a few different ways for restaurants to get rid of their fryer oil, but the best way to do is is to let us recycle.

That’s right you can actually turn spent fryer oil into a biofuel that helps reduce emissions.

Hats off to these great Newark, DE companies

Home Grown Cafe

Home Grown Cafe

Home Grown Cafe has resided on Main St. in Downtown Newark for over 16 years. A family friendly environment complete with a diverse selection of homemade dishes. The menu includes traditional entrees as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options.


University of Delaware Dining Services

University of Delaware Dining Services

University of Delaware Dining Services operates 16 locations on campus including three residential dining locations, five convenience locations, two food courts, three snack bar areas, and three coffee & bakery locations.

Top Reasons Restaurants from Newark, DE are signing on to recycle their waste oil with us:

  • Customer Service: Waste Oil Recyclers provides fast and reliable service. We show up looking professional, we use the latest technology and our trucks use vacuum technology so there’s never any mess.
  • We Know When You’re Full Before YOU Know It: We’re there before you think about calling us. We developed our own software that tracks your usage patterns. We know ahead of time when you’ll be full.
  • Waste Oil Recyclers Gives Back: The Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) is an independent non-profit organization committed to youth-led, transformational community change. We train youth leaders, enhance family relationships,  and build community collaboration. CYI started as a project of the Brandywine Health Foundation in 2008 as a response to feedback from the community and most importantly, from Coatesville youth. CYI was incorporated as an independent organization in July, 2013. The Mogreena Garden Project is also partnered with the Chester County Food Bank which provides the plant material that we then grow and donate back to the community.
Waste Oil Recyclers

Waste Oil Recyclers

100% of Our Recycled Oil Ends Up In Domestically Used Biofuels. We Guarantee It! Serving Greater Philadelphia, Baltimore to Lancaster to North Jersey and Down the Coast.
Waste Oil Recyclers

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News and Updates

A Q&A On Trains, Modena and Waste Oil’s Big Picture

On August 16, 2016, Waste Oil Recyclers held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the creation of a new rail siding into their yard, locally known as “Mogreena” (Modena, PA). This is an interview with the founders of Waste Oil Recyclers, Jim Bricker and Brendan Steer, where they discuss the what the rail means to the company, to Modena and the state.

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